Sony Might Re-launch Iconic Classic PlayStation 1 Console before E3 Convention

E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) 2018 is the world’s largest annual video games convention in LA (June 12-15) where the biggest games publishers launch new titles and show off their hottest creations. This year will not only showcase the latest consoles from Microsoft, Nintendo, and other big industry names, but Sony could have a surprise up its sleeve.

The sun has set on two consoles by Sony — their latest PS4 and its sequel, the PS5, which will enter its life cycle’s final stages in about 3 years’ time. Recently, Sony also scrapped the handheld PlayStation Vita by instructing developers to stop production of the games for the benefit of the struggling follow-up, PlayStation Portable.

All hope is not lost and nostalgic gamers might have reason to rejoice! John Kodera, Sony Interactive Entertainment President and CEO, hinted that the company may relaunch a revamped version of its classic original and beloved console, PlayStation 1. PS1 was first launched in 1994 and went on to become the first console to dispatch over 100 million globally.

Should Sony go ahead and reincarnate PS1, they’ll be following in the footsteps of Nintendo’s the house of Mario, which successfully revamped their NES and SNES releasing NES Classic and the SNES Classic Mini (besides creating a stir with the instantly successful Switch console). The huge hit of both consoles, which were jam-packed with classic games and quickly sold out, led other companies to do the same — for example Sega has just announced the Genesis Mini also known as the Mega Drive Mini and Nintendo has hinted that it plans to release the old-school N64 Classics at E3.

Microsoft has released its newest console, the Xbox One X, so probably at E3 they will have a bunch of 4K-ready games — possibly including Halo 6, Fable 4, and perhaps additions to State of Decay 2. Rumor also has it that French video game publisher Ubisoft Entertainment SA might add another entry into the Assassin’s Creed games series, or, an expansion for Far Cry 5; and there might be new sport titles such as Madden and FIFA from EA.

Some companies are playing their cards close to their chest so that their announcements will happen right before and after E3 and their news won’t be drowned out by the E3 mayhem.

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