Best Fitness & Health Gadgets in 2018

The age of wearable tech is growing at a whopping rate and just when you think you’re sporting the latest and greatest health or fitness gear, you can bet there’s a new and improved version just around the corner. If you’re feeling a tad overwhelmed, look out for these top wearable companions that will keep you fit and healthy!

Head Gear

Gym workout enthusiast looking for the top headphones that are completely wireless? Well Samsung’s IconX earphones are definitely worth checking out. The market is flooded with “sports” wireless earphones claiming they’re perfect for workouts and won’t limit movement, but many aren’t comfortable and are so bulky they just fall out. Samsung’s hottest workout buds are super comfy and stay in the ears whilst cycling, jogging or whatever you’re doing.

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Nuraphones from Nura are also revolutionary earphones that offer personalized sound. These super-innovative workout companions comprise self-learning tech that measures your distinctive hearing and automatically adapts to it keeping your hearing healthy — especially if you listen to loud music.


DIY Workout

PowerDot offers couch potatoes a brilliant way to shape up. The device uses Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) that activates the fibers of you muscle letting you build strength and recuperate faster. It works with an unassuming phone app that allows you to control your workouts. In other words, you can go through the physical paces without leaving the sofa. Simply choose the muscle groups you wish to target and a signal is sent to the PowerDot pods on your muscles causing them to activate. It’s compact so you can travel with it.

Health Gadgets

If you hate the idea of popping pills every time your muscles ache or you have pain somewhere, meet the super advanced FDA-listed PainPod —the drug-free replacement for painkillers. The gadget uses a unique combination of biomedical tech and microcurrents that power the device and learn your body and service systems, how they cope with pain, boost performance, and speed up recovery. Stick it to the painful area and you’ll feel better in no time.

Still want to take your temperature? Nokia Health Thermo is a connected thermometer for tracking fever if you’re sick. The thermometer, which has 16 infrared sensors taking thousands of measurements, links up with your Nokia Health account through an app and keeps check on your temp over time.



Smartwatch market look out! The Fitbit Ionic is the sturdiest smartwatch to come out of Fitbit yet with great features and a sleek, comfortable to design. The wearable can easily track any workout you’re doing. Definitely a worthy investment.

Still on the topic of personal health comes epigenetics firm Muhdo’s genetic profiling and fitness plan. The advanced device tests your DNA and acts as a bio-marker for analyzing fitness, performance, and health. Spit into a tube, put a stamp on it, and you’ll receive a nutrition and fitness plan in a few weeks based on your genetic markers.

Home Tech

Internal health is as important as getting fit on the outside. Everyone needs a good juice maker and Philips Avance centrifugal juicer with its FiberBoost tech, is the one you’re looking for. Toss in your veggies or fruit, choose the texture you want (creamy or clear), and get 50% more fiber.

Philips 9000 series 4K OLED TV with unique Ambilight technology is great for recovering after workouts. Wind down in front of Phillip’s razor-thin OLED TVS that make your screen seem wider and create a more immersive experience with vivid color emission. It illuminates the surrounding walls fashioning a calming glow.

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