Sony Might Re-launch Iconic Classic PlayStation 1 Console before E3 Convention


E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) 2018 is the world’s largest annual video games convention in LA (June 12-15) where the biggest games publishers launch new titles and show off their hottest creations. This year will not only showcase the latest consoles from Microsoft, Nintendo, and other big industry names, but Sony …

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U.S. Decision on Paris Doesn’t Impact Renewable Growth

donald trump

U.S. President Donald Trump’s intention to pull out of the multilateral Paris climate agreement won’t impact renewable growth. The Paris accord was adopted on 12 December 2015 and to-date has 195signatories and 170 parties, excluding only Syria and the U.S. Nevertheless, Trump began casting doubts about the reasons for climate …

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For Retailers AI isn’t all Sci-Fi, but at Least E-commerce is Creating Jobs


The Automation, particularly when it comes to robots (artificial intelligence – AI) and software (take self-driving trucks, and industries from auto manufacturing, to metal products, pharmaceuticals, food service, and warehouses) is swallowing up brick-and-mortar retail jobs and rendering the middle-class powerless. Yet, a report by the Progressive Policy Institute on …

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Texas Instruments’ 2Q17 Earnings Boost Semiconductor Optimism


Economic Bellwether Texas Instruments (TI), the global US tech company that designs and manufactures semiconductors, has given semiconductor stocks with ties to the automotive and industrial markets a large dose of optimism with its announcement of a strong rise in fiscal 2Q17 earnings. Commenting on its performance and returns to …

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